NCWS Presents

Freeform Camping Party 2020

Friday 6th to 8th of March 2020 - 3 days - All Age Event
Music Starts at 5pm - Gate Opens 3pm

Line Up

Kounta Kulture (SA)

3 hour set of Freeform & Drum & Bass

Excited to have Carl back to the Freeform Camping Party, Kounta Kulture is killing it in terms of production & his latest tracks on Stamina is putting Aussie Freeform on the map.

Carls brings you some of freshest freeform, from the dark and twisted sounds to more pumping and uplifting flavours!

For all who hasn't checked out the Stamina Radio Show here's a taste of what Kounta Kulture will be bringing to the 2020 Camping Party:

Matrix vs Loose Cannon (3 hour b2b set)

1 hour Matrix - Trance --- 1 hour Matrix vs Loose Cannon - Old Skool Hard Trance --- 1 hour Loose Cannon - Acid/Psy Trance

Tom-E - Happy Hard (1 hour set)

Thierry D - Drum & Bass/Self Produced (1 hour set)

Penumbra - Psy Trance/Self Produced (2 hour set)

Ross Fader - Breakbeat/Old Skool/Self Produced (2 hour set)

Focus - Freeform/90's Dance (2 hour set of 90's Dance & Freeform + 1 hour vs set of Freeform Classics)

Snappa - Psy Trance (2 hour set)

Heretic - Freeform/UK Hard Trance (90 min UK Hard Trance set + 1 hour vs set of Freeform Classics)

Mike Dewitt - Trancecore/Classic Trance (2 hour set)

Trireme - Drum & Bass (90 min set)

Ground-Force - Liquid Drum & Bass (2 hour set)

Kobuki - Trance (2 hour set)

Rikka b2b Sound Psychology - Techno/Hard Trance (90 min set)

Dr Dom - Prog Psy /Self Produced (1 hour set)

Krystal Ravegirl b2b Nysso - UK Hardcore (90 min set)

Chris Co - Hard House (90 min set)

Succumb - Psy Trance (90 min set)

Droid Assembly - Full On Psy (1 hour set)

Control Freq - UK Freeform/Psy Trance (1 hour set)

Sallard Hunter - Psybreaks (2 hour set)

Dean Exploration - Freeform (2 hour set)

K-Nos - Freeform Classics/Old Skool Happy Hard (2 hour set)

DJ Psygee (90 min set)

Slumdog - Full On Psy (2 hour set)

** Set Times: click here **


Lots of Freeform - Free Camping - Free Slushies - Private Property - Friendly Crew & Vibe
BYO Drinks for 18+ - DB Fifty Line Sound System - Wicked Lighting & Lasers - Trippy Decor
Lots of UVs - Vinyl Sets - Kid Friendly (All kids get in Free)


Market Stalls:

# Cat Palace Party Book Shop - Books, Music and Clothing for Intellectual Party Animals!



# Whirlwinds uplifting hoop fitness - founded by Krystal Hoop Girl. A qualified hoop love coach and hoop dance performer is now providing energetic, fun, exciting hoop dance lessons, classes, workshops and all over hoop love.


Things to bring:

Print Out of Presold Ticket

5-10L of water per person (20L reusable camping water container is recommended for each car)

Reusable Cup for Free Slushies

Warm Clothes (Thermals, Jumpers, Jackets, Thick Socks, Boots, Gloves etc)

Toilet Paper & Smiles

Optional things to bring:

Food & Drinks

Tents/Camping Chairs/Tarps/Gazebos etc

Cash for Market Stalls

Alcohol if you are over the age of 18

Nangs (Please make sure all nangs go home with you)

Fire Staff/Poi/Rope darts etc (Please fire twirl away from any decor etc)

Glowstixs etc

Things not to bring:

Negative Vibes

Illegal Drugs



Things not to do:

No littering, please take all your rubbish home

No stealing

No Fire Twirling near Decor



$40 Presales on Sale now, email for ticket info/link :)

(Ticket sales end on the 5.3.20 or once sold out)


Event Rules:

* No striped polo shirts, backwards dancing, hakking or negative vibes
* Security & crew reserves the right to refuse entry. Please bring your smiles to our event.
* Tickets will not be sold to any lads or potential trouble makers
* No Rnb Remixes will be played by any of the DJs
* Be good to the environment & take all your rubbish with you once leaving the event
* No hassling crew for sets
* No Posers/Shirtless wannabes
* No Fire Twirling near decor
* No mainstream event clothing/merch allowed
* No Matt Spavs or Zac Slade wannabes
* No breathing

Support: Dance Party Hire, Aztek Productions, Pixel Dust, Scarred Digital

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